Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

This is what my DH baked for me for Valentine's Day. He baked it with his own two hands, lol... And filled it with cream and strawberries! Isn't it just gorgeous? Loved it!
We went to a riding club with the kids and my cousin Carlos and all the family! We had a blast there!
Henry was thrilled with the horses, Celita was a bit afraid tough!
They organized it so funny! And the kids were so excited while the horses and the show was getting ready!
Fanta, coke, chips, ..... lots of fun!
Celia's chocolate face says about how they enjoy being there waiting for the horses to arrive, lol...
Look Elmita and Elma wearing the same blouse! Weren't them just gorgeous?
Aren't horses just pretty? I hope Henry would like to join the club!

Woww! And then, after all the excitement, is there anything better than a good ice cream at Giana's???
And then we got home and had a little bbq picnic!

Today I had a light cappuccino with panettone that I still had from Christmas to enjoy the cold afternoon!
Happy Valentine's!


Pau(Rox) said...

Hola Wapa,
qué fotos tan bonitas.
XXX solete

Wendy said...

What fun. Looks like a fantastic day!

Joana Galvez said...

Que cama tan bonita y unica!!! Me encanta!

Besitos y gracias por pasarte por mi blog! sois ambos de Tenerife?