Saturday, June 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Alicia!

Forgot to say that also I've made this bag for a birthday present. Using the everyday tote from Lotta's book as well. But with some changes. I added a white lining fabric and also I did topstitched all around the finished bag.

The bow is a digital detail I added while making the scrapbook, lol...


First, there are some pics from my kitchen. I bought this week some plants for the table and they look so "springy" lol...

Also in this pic you can see the chalk-family I have in the wall and that my husband painted so lovely! I have the thinnest waist ever and also him, lol... 

Then here's the cover I made for my boy's chair and he's so happy with it! First it was in red fabric but he said he preferred to give the red one to his dad and asked me to make him one but with the green fabric and here it is! Is fun, isn't it? I like it so much!

And, with the red colored fabric I also made this "design" with my DH idea for the toy storage problems we have. We never know what to make with the Star Wars weapons, the Harry Potter "broom", etc... So he asked me to make a fabric bag for them and then he'll put a hanger in the kid's room. So I went searching my Lotta Jansdotter book Simple Sewing. And decided to make the yoga bag. It was so easy to make and it is exactly what we needed!
Here are the pics: