Tuesday, March 24, 2009


When I married I moved from my parent's house to the next door house. Lol... I moved from street nº15 to 17. So I always say I have the best neighbors in the whole world. And the proof is my dinner, just right from my neighbor's home

Sunday, March 22, 2009


I can't explain how guilty I feel because my "lack of posts" in this blog, lol... I really been crafting a lot but forgot to take pictures most of the times or didn't have natural light for them. And then Blogger has been sooooo slow to upload the photos that I always found an excuse to stop the photo uploading process. 

Also there was the Carnival in my town and it was so much fun to be in the streets with the kids! I have lots of pics of the main Carnival events, etc... But will only post a few of the children because I want this to be short, lol...
These first ones are from the festival show where the kids played a rock song all dressed up like rockers! They were so cuteeeeee!
Well, and have you ever since anything like this?, lol... She's so special!

That girl painting the faces in the square was amazing... and not because she was so good painting but keeping the kids calmed while painting their faces!!!! That was the magic thing, lol...
Hulk and the Little red riding hood! lol... They were so cute!
Isn't she lovely???

And yes, this is me as punky! SO fun! The real me! lol...

This is what I made to my dad for Father's day and also I baked a chocolate cake with mocha frosting! 
Oh, and now a bit of cooking... I love poached eggs! And one of the ways I love to make them are with tomato soup or sauce... I usually add some mozzarella cheese, olives and oregano!
And in this time of year don't you just love eggplants??? I truly love to cook them just with onions and fried tomato sauce! 
And more crafty things... These are the little gifts I made for one of Henry's teachers. I made first the necklace and earrings set and then made also the little children earrings too. 

And finally decided to put them all into a small crochet pouch... I think it was nice! And she liked it! lol...
Well, now I hope it won't take so long to get back here! lol...