Monday, September 29, 2008

I have forgot...

... to show you all what my DH gave me for my birthday!

Yes!!!!!! All are mine!!!! lol.... I have only started reading some of them and I am truly delighted!!!! The Sew pretty series are amazing and the Christmas version is sooooooo sweet! I can' wait to start working with them! 
I'll post pics of what I'll be doing with them!
Just the reading process is so fun!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Marta's Wedding. Part 3!

Pics, pics, and pics!

First from the inside of the church that is a historical building in the town. It was so pretty full of flowers! Here's the groom waiting. He was so nervous and impatient! lol... He didn't have to wait for so long though. Marta came in just in time!, lol...In this pic you can see how the church looked like with the flowers all around, and also the back look of my hair, lol... And Henrito's Mario DS to keep him quite while waiting for Marta to come, lol...
And here she is! Excuses for the blurry pic but Henry's all but a good photographer, lol... They looked so happy that was so emotive!!!!
Henry striking a pose!
My family! Carlitos, Neni, Elma, Christian, my uncle Carlos, my aunt Nena, my mom, my dad and me behind (you can see the feather, lol...) All laughing at Celita that was dancing in the middle of all of them, lol...
Oh, no words.... I love him soooo much!
Celita dancing (again) in the middle of the dance floor just before the waltz started!, lol... 
Look at this great idea!!! Marta customized a pair of sneakers for herself so she could dance all day without the high heels!!!! They were so cute! 
There were also espadriles for everyone that wanted to take the shoes off and enjoy the dance all day, lol...
And the dance floor got full in a second!!! lol... Very good music and all willing to start having fun together! What a fun family and friends group they were!!!
Henry got fever during the meal so it was so good for us that after he took his medicine he felt so good he enjoyed os much dancing with us!, lol... In this pic we're dancing with my brother Chano, lol...
Oh God, it was soooooo hot!!! Here I am with my ugliest abanico that I took to keep Celita busy during the ceremony in the church. I had my favorite one for myself but then I gave it to my aunt because it was so hot and then I was all day with this ugly one, lol... Just for being so selfish with my little daughter, lol...
What's a wedding without a train?, lol...
Can you see the fever face? lol...

Celita didn't want this photo to be taken, lol...
Oh, here was when Henrito started feeling so a big photographer and he made photos of everyone and everything, lol... But I think maybe he won't really do it as a job, lol... At least not until he learn how to take the pics of the "entire" people, lol... Here's Marta smiling at him, lol... Well, at least the pic shows the wonderful dress she was wearing!; lol...
Oh, and here's a pic of my nightmare all day. The floor and my heels. In this pic I don't know who does this feet belongs to, lol... But you can see the heel ready to fall, lol...
This is the outside of where the celebration was. It was the old convent of San Francisco and now it's a museum. It has a central patio that's so pretty! In the pic it is the entrance of the church near the convent. Door to door. 
We were going back to the hotel and Henrito was so tired he made pics of everything he saw from there to the hotel, lol... But these ones are good, lol...
Also here it's the car where Marta came and the hotel where she took the photos of the wedding and most of the people stayed at.
Look at our faces. Aren't we just coming BACK from the party?, lol... We were up since 6am getting everything ready and we were soooo tired at that moment and my feet were just walking on their own!!! God, how much they hurt, no way I'll get ever used to high heels!
Well, and that's all! 
Oh, I am waiting for some pics of my little daughter with her little cousin both wearing the same dress in the beautiful patio where the wedding celebration took place. I'll post them soon!

Marta's Wedding. Part 2

Oh, you can't imagine how wonderful is the San Roque hotel. You can only know it when you're there. The staff, the building, the rooms, the food, the pool! Everything is made just to feel you the most special people in the world!

The building is a historic building from the village and it's really amazing. The town where it is located is called Garachico. My mom was born there and we've been always so related to everything that happens there. So the way the rooms are located in the building and the central patio, etc... reminds me of my family's house. We had 2 rooms together and they were both "inside" a commom door. So we had the 2 separated rooms but we could keep the doors open and only the "main door" closed. Henrito felt like he was sooooo big having his own room with his own bathroom and taking care of his daughter himself alone! Lol... He was so fun!
Well, this hotel is no words but GLORY!, lol...
Let's show the pics we took there. I am so sorry we forgot to take pics of the pool this morning but you can see them also in their site. 

Have you ever seen more amenities in the same room? Amazing!
Look at the beautiful color of the walls!
This is the seating area near the window that looked to the pool from our bathroom. This morning we sat the kids here with us and told them we had a surprise to show them. When we opened the window they saw the pool and the breakfast tables by the pool and Henry was excited! He wanted to go right away!

And here is the first pics of the family ready for the wedding. We took these pics in teh hotel room before going to the church. Here you can see my Cherry Chau hair accessory (I don't know the right name for this, lol...) that I bought in my Paris trip in the Galleries Lafayette! And also my lovely, lovely Patricia Avendaño dress that I blogged here before.
My sweet Celita was just adorable and was wearing a beautiful blue dress the same as her cousin Elmita.
And my sweet and handsome boy Henrito with his suit and tie,lol... Lovely!
And my husband looking sooooo handsome with his suit and new haircut!!!!!

Marta's Wedding! Part 1

Lol... Yes, there's going to be 3 parts of this post, lol... 

My cousin Marta's wedding has been the greatest family happening this year!, lol... So we've been waiting for this day soooo much! She's so lovely and her husband now is just adorable and perfect for her! So, we can only be soooo happy!
I was so excited for the wedding that I have 3 posts for it; one for the gifts I made for her, another one for the pics of the hotel we stayed in, and finally the party pics!
Let's start with the things I made for the honeymoon!
I sewed the same travel wallet I made for us when we went to Disneyland Resort Paris but using this wedding themed fabric from Michael Miller that I bought from equilter. I made the pattern myself and I'm so proud of it, lol... Made also a bussines card wallet to hold the hotel cards, 2 passport sleeves and also a travel tissue holder. And then I did also made some printables for them; luggage tags, bookmarker and the typical door hanger I always make for the just married couples, lol... The templates for the bookmarker and the luggage tags are from Belle

I filled the travel holder with a married couple's tissues that are so fun!
This is how the travel wallet looks when closed

This is how the passport holder looks like when closed
And that's how it looks when open, lol...
And finally, in this pic you can see it all together how I wrapped it like before sending it to them. I asked the hotel if they could leave it in their room and they did! I think it was a nice surprise!

I also made a little book filled with photo frames and lines where each of the guests could give them a little message. I didn't take pics of it and I know It's a big mess, lol... I used my pogo from Polaroid and I can't be happier enough with Henry for giving it to me for my birthday. It's the best! (Henry and the pogo, lol...)

Friday, September 19, 2008

What a day!

Oh my God! What a day I have had today. And it ain't over yet! Let's see what else I'll face until tonight, lol...

This morning I made 100kms to go and meet the stylist that's gonna tell me how to put my little hat for the wedding this next weekend! And I did have everything ready. But when I got to he place I had to met him I realized it wasn't in the car... I left it at home! So i drove all morning for nothing! Catch the Méndez crisis??, lol...

But well, I have to tell now where I have been!

I went to see Madonna in Seville!!!! It was great! We were 5 friends there, all moms and all needing some time out, lol... It was fun and fun! The concert was amazing! I took a pic of the show stage from my place. We were seated so high in the stadium that I felt a huge vertigo!

But we also had some tourism

Terrazas de bar en el barrio de Santa Cruz
A Calesa little, little trip, lol...
And a patio full of oranges with La Giralda behind... Isn't it just lovely?
I love Seville!
And, needless to say we ate so much and soooooo good!!!!! This pic is from the much well known patisserie La Campana! I am sure if you've been in Seville you've also been there!
Really, I do love Seville, the people there and this trip was great! I wish I'd had took more pics but really was enjoying just being there so much I forgot to take pics of everything, lol...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Back to School

Tomorrow Henry's back to school definitely! I say it because last Friday was just a "testing-day", lol...

So tomorrow he has to take with him his little lunchbag but also his second clothes, painting aprons, etc... And here's where I appear, lol... making him a nice bag for all. I used the monkey's banana's fabric. I have had it with me since he started preschool last year and he was designated with an open banana as his "logo". I like it very much as it is easy to make things with it!
Here's the pic! Tomorrow I'll post some pictures of the class that's amazingly adorned this year!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

September already!

What a pity! I can't believe the school holidays are gone! Tomorrow Henry will start school and he doesn't want to at all! He has his new Walle lunchbag and tumbler but he still isn't motivated. I have bought him a little surprise for tomorrow so when we'll go to pick him up from his first day of school he'll have something to talk about and a new toy to play with!

Oh, I have a confession to make but I'll deny have said it if I'll be ever asked about it! lol... 
The city is a blast!
Yes, me, the tiny town girl today has loved the city sooooooo much! And all because of Ikea! I went this morning to work with my mom there and when we got to her apartment there I saw in the building's hallway THE NEW IKEA CATALOG!!!!! 
God, I was so happy! I know it will be long till  someone get it here to my small town but in the city they have already distributed them. I even was thinking about going to Ikea to pick up the new catalog but knew it would have been difficult for me to take the time to go there just for the catalog! So I have to confess today I was a CITY GIRL for a while! lol...
Tonight I am going to enjoy it so much reading my catalog with a coke and some mocha frosting that I have in the freezer, lol...