Friday, May 30, 2008

How to eat a cupcake! blog

Today is the national festivity here in my island. That's why yesterday in the school all the kids went dressed with the typical outfits, and they had a party there, dancing typical dances, singing folkloric songs, etc... 

Carlos & Elma decided then to make a "Canarian party" in her house and we all brought typical food to the get together! I went with "papas arrugadas con mojo" (that are salted boiled potatoes with the skin and a spice sauce), "gofio amasado" (gofio is so typical here and it is toasted corn flour and for this recipe it is mixed with honey, cheese and almonds), and then I also made some banana cupcakes made with a recipe from How to eat a cupcake blog and then the frosting was the same one from the recipe but, instead of coconut, pecans, banana and lemon; I added tons of gofio. And it was just outstanding!!! My baby and me we start eating frosting from all over the bowl after the cupcakes were frosted, lol...

(The banana is the typical fruit here also because the island is full of plantations of banana all around. Before the tourism started here the only "industry" in the islands was the banana. We eat it here in every style you can imagine!!! Boiled, fried, mashed, alone, with orange with gofio, with cookies, etc.... lol...)

This recipe is really a must!!! The cupcakes were a gem themselves but with the frosting they were amazing! I have to tried them again now with the original ingredients. I am sure they must be sooooo good with coconut in it. 

Go check the How to eat a cupcake blog if you like recipes. They're so easy to follow and the pictures are so good. Really nice blog with many, many recipes to try! I think the next one I'll try will be the swiss meringue buttercream in any of the flavors!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Sublime Stitching...

I can not describe how happy I am with my new book-kit from Sublime Stitching. 

I had a birthday gift to make to a friend of mine and I thought this "mother's love" tattoo design will be great for her. 

I embroidered her daughter's name in the middle of the tattoo and I think it looks so nice!

The little disaster began with my sewing project. I thought it will be nice to make the embroidery in the top lap of a messenger bag. But wanted it all to be mine, so I didn't take any pattern to follow and made it myself. Well, this was the terrible mistake, lol... I did sew it all and when it was finished I realized the straps were sewn in the wrong side. But when I looked closer to it I discovered that the design was embroidered too high in the lap and that's why it looked to me like the wrong thing were the strap!, lol...

Well, finally, here's how it looks like; the finished bag made in pretty cherry linen and with a perfume-patterned lining. It looks so cool and alternative, except for the design problem, lol... I learned now I must always follow a pattern!!!!, lol...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I just love oilcloth since the day I started lurking in craft blogs around the web. And then I met Cath Kidston and now I just want to earn enough money to be able to buy some of her fabrics, lol... Doesn't matter if it's cotton or oilcloth but any... I think I'll ask my DH for some for my birthday, lol...

I can imagine my kitchen table with a fabric like this covering it. Isn't it lovely. I think I could even sew a dress for myself with it!!!! lol...
I want to go again to London soon and one her shops will be as important to visit as the Buckingham Palace!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I am in love...

... with this amazing dress!!!

This next September my cousin Marta is getting married with her sweet boy, Carlos. She's so special for me and I just want that day to be perfect! And I have found THE DRESS. 

The wedding will be in the morning, and I know that's not a cocktail dress, and I also know that black is not the color for a wedding but I am in love with the dress and it really fits me like no one else!

I need it and I am so happy I'm able to fit inside it!!!! lol...

Isn't it gorgeous?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday out!

We've been out today for lunch with friends. This morning we went to church and we all met there and planned the Fried chicken meal! It was great!

Last night I made this dress for Celita and she looks so nice with it! I used the Pinafore dress from Belle Elysse. That's available for purchase also at You can make this!, where I always find fantastic patterns.

Sorry I forgot to take photos of her with the camera while she was pretty but I only remembered when she already was eating and not so clean, lol... But, well that's what babies are about! lol...

Here you can see the top part of the dress (I promise I'll post more photos when I'll clean it).

Here's the detail of the embroidered mirror in the little front pocket. Thanks so much Joyful Adobe for such an easy to follow tutorial!!!!!

And here, of course, the pics of the fried chicken with the coleslaw and fries! God, it was so good! With a cool coke is just heaven! lol... And then we went out from the mall to get some McDonald's sundae! Like I said, nice day with friends and fun food!

Now we're at home again and I have to go to the airport tonight so no much crafting today but was a great day anyway... 

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Yesterday I went to a Japanese restaurant with my girlfriends. Sorry I didn't take any pics there because the food was so good I forgot to take off the camera while we were eating, lol...

This photo is from the night out we had last week and shows us all enjoying the plate of black pudding scrambled eggs! Just great. We went to our fave place that's near home and they make "montaditos" that are amazingly yummy!
Excuse me for the terrible pic quality but it was made with my phone and no flash!, lol...

The montaditos are made with a bread slice and all you can imagine at the top. The ones here are one with anchovy with green and red pepper and the other one is made with a typical sauce from La Gomera (the island in front of mine) and codfish. All have in the bottom a savory sauce and then at the top the main ingredient. God, they're soooo good!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Love my embroidered placemat!

This was a bad morning because ETA made another terrorist attack in my country and killed one married policeman and father of a little child. It is terrible and always a morning like this keeps me in front of the TV until I have to go out.

I think that's why I enjoyed even more my beautiful placemat today. Took me off the terrible tv news. Thanks God we have good things around to keep as sane and alive from all that terror!

Thanks Floresita!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

First time ever embroidery!

This is the placemat I bought yesterday at Ikea and I think I'll buy more next time because it looks so nice with the design embroidered. 

I think I have to use a "less-ply" floss for this or maybe softer colors. I don't really know. But in my next project I think I'll be able to fix some mistakes I made here.

This next pic is a closer look of the design. I downloaded it from Floresita who I think I owe the "fever" I have now for embroidery because her blog is just adorable!!!

Morning coffee

This morning I used my new Ikea cup that I bought yesterday for my Dolce Gusto coffee and was delighted with the look of it!
I truly love the look of vintage teacups but then I also like so much the Ikea style! Maybe it is also because of the great $0,59 deal!, lol...

I bought also some placemats and tea towels to embroider. I have one almost finished. It has been my first time ever that I have made an embroidery project and don't know if the result is nice or not, lol... Let's see how it looks like when finished...

Tonight I am going to work in that and I'll try also to finish the back side of the crochet dress for my baby girl.

Let's keep crafting!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Round Neck Top Sundress

I wasn't so excited today to start crocheting and thought maybe I could make today a sewing project instead.
I searched all the morning for some linen fabric I bought time ago in very beautiful and fun colors, but couldn't find them. I wanted to make some embroidery in them. But, instead, I found this fun fabric in my leftovers bin and thought it could be nice. The fabric is from the Oodle Poodle from Moda.
I used the pattern from You can make this  and it is from That Darn Cat designer. The pattern is so easy to make but I have found some things I would change if I'll make it again. The length is a bit short for the size 2, also the buttons I would prefer to have it the other way; I mean, I prefer to sew the front yoke with the back part and the back yoke with the front part.
I think it turned out cute and the buttons are some of my preferred ones in my stash. I made a close look photo that shows the detail of the button. 
I am going to make now some more sewing projects because I think summer is perfect for this kind of dresses.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Interweave's Kathryn in Beauly Dress and Hat by Kathy Merrick

I love this dress since the first time I saw it. I bought the magazine just because of it, lol...
I wanted to try to make it with the Katia Brisa yarn and I am happy with the results, not so happy with the colors I choose but I'll wait until I'll make the back to see if it is possible to mix all these, lol...

I have just made the yoke and one sleeve but love it!
Here's a pic ...

Sunday, May 4, 2008

What a joy!

Being a mother is, for me, the best position I have had in life. It is extremely rewarding and just a smile from my kids make all my world turn pink and sweet... lol...
God blessed me with them and today I am a oh-so-happy mom!

Happy Mothers day for all the moms out there and enjoy such a beautiful day!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

I finally did it!

I have finished the blanket! Since the begining of the week but haven't been able to copy the photos from my camera into the blog. I think this issue is going to get finished after this Sunday's Mom's day, lol...
Well, I think it end looking so good and I am so happy with the result.

Today was the christening day and in the party I gave the blanket to my friend and she was delighted with it. I am so happy!!!!!

I did make a difference in the stitches at the top of the blanket so it is detailed. I think in ths photo you can see the difference. It is nice how it looks like and I am sure that in the crib will look lovely as well.