Friday, May 30, 2008

How to eat a cupcake! blog

Today is the national festivity here in my island. That's why yesterday in the school all the kids went dressed with the typical outfits, and they had a party there, dancing typical dances, singing folkloric songs, etc... 

Carlos & Elma decided then to make a "Canarian party" in her house and we all brought typical food to the get together! I went with "papas arrugadas con mojo" (that are salted boiled potatoes with the skin and a spice sauce), "gofio amasado" (gofio is so typical here and it is toasted corn flour and for this recipe it is mixed with honey, cheese and almonds), and then I also made some banana cupcakes made with a recipe from How to eat a cupcake blog and then the frosting was the same one from the recipe but, instead of coconut, pecans, banana and lemon; I added tons of gofio. And it was just outstanding!!! My baby and me we start eating frosting from all over the bowl after the cupcakes were frosted, lol...

(The banana is the typical fruit here also because the island is full of plantations of banana all around. Before the tourism started here the only "industry" in the islands was the banana. We eat it here in every style you can imagine!!! Boiled, fried, mashed, alone, with orange with gofio, with cookies, etc.... lol...)

This recipe is really a must!!! The cupcakes were a gem themselves but with the frosting they were amazing! I have to tried them again now with the original ingredients. I am sure they must be sooooo good with coconut in it. 

Go check the How to eat a cupcake blog if you like recipes. They're so easy to follow and the pictures are so good. Really nice blog with many, many recipes to try! I think the next one I'll try will be the swiss meringue buttercream in any of the flavors!

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How To Eat A Cupcake said...

Your compliments are so nice! Thank you very much. The cupcakes looks beautiful. Great job!!