Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday out!

We've been out today for lunch with friends. This morning we went to church and we all met there and planned the Fried chicken meal! It was great!

Last night I made this dress for Celita and she looks so nice with it! I used the Pinafore dress from Belle Elysse. That's available for purchase also at You can make this!, where I always find fantastic patterns.

Sorry I forgot to take photos of her with the camera while she was pretty but I only remembered when she already was eating and not so clean, lol... But, well that's what babies are about! lol...

Here you can see the top part of the dress (I promise I'll post more photos when I'll clean it).

Here's the detail of the embroidered mirror in the little front pocket. Thanks so much Joyful Adobe for such an easy to follow tutorial!!!!!

And here, of course, the pics of the fried chicken with the coleslaw and fries! God, it was so good! With a cool coke is just heaven! lol... And then we went out from the mall to get some McDonald's sundae! Like I said, nice day with friends and fun food!

Now we're at home again and I have to go to the airport tonight so no much crafting today but was a great day anyway... 

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