Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bags day

This last Friday one of Henry's teachers made me one of the most happy women in the world, lol... She asked me if I could make Henry's tutor a bag for her birthday day. They wanted to gift her a book bag and they like the bags I've made for Henry to carry to school.
I was soooooo excited that I didn't hear well the exact day f the birthday so this weekend I've been thinking and thinking what to make for her. 
First I thought about making a simple book tote but then remembered that tutorial I saw once in this wonderful blog! And that's how the bag looks like. I choose this combination of fabrics from Michael Miller's Ginger Blossom line. For the outside I choose this wonderful tile and for the lining this wonderful plaid in matching colors.

The pattern was so easy to work with and I loved the inside pocket size. I made 3 sections to hold mobile phone, pens, etc... I also used a bone button for the closure. 

I really, really hope she'll like it! I had a blast making it and, most of all, I have enjoyed soooo much thinking about it. I feel so honored because I was asked to do this for her. Really, really proud. She has helped my kid so much and I feel like if I'm able to give her a bit of the love she gives to my kid every day.

Oh, and once the sewing machine was working I had to get a bit more from her, lol... 
This next week is Halloween night! Oh yes, I know you didn't know but IT IS!!! lol...
Well, my kid wanted... No, he HOPELESSLY NEEDED a Batman costume for Halloween and finally on Saturday we found one for him (he wanted to sleep with it that night) and now he's always asking me when is the Halloween party... So I decided to make a bag for school so he can carry his juice and water in this fun bag! I made it using a panel I bought in one of the sales at equilter and I was delighted with it. I also used a pumpkin fabric I had from last year's Halloween for the lining and it really is so sweet!

And that was it! My bag-Sunday...

Sunday, October 19, 2008


... I forgot to show this lovely blanket I made for my sweet, sweet friend Ana Carolina. She's starting this year in preschool and she's delighted. She loves being with the big guys and she's also in the class near my kid so they're all together taking care of each other, lol...

I also remembered I have some clipart of Mary Engelbreit and wanted to use it with the beautiful blanket and panels from her. I love her fabrics and her drawings so much and I think this blanket is the sweetest because of this beautiful panel.
Oh and here there's also a closer look to a detail I made to identify the blanket. I printed in fabric paper a drawing from Mary that's almost the same as the panel look and wrote her name in it. Then sewed it at the back of the blanket. I think it looks nice!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Now I can...

... show you what I've been up to!

I have been making some things for friends of mine and also I'm in the process of making some patterns of my own. I am trying to figure out how to write them in a "understandable" language, lol...
Here are the pics of some of the gifts I gave to my cousins this last week. Except the lounge trousers I made for Neni that I forgot to take pics of. And they were truly amazing! 
First is the ice cream cozy I've made. I know both love to eat ice cream and that's a good thing to preserve your fingers from freezing, lol...
I made it with Michael Miller's "Jiggle" fabric line in banana yellow. 
I just love how this fabric looks like.
And I also made another one for Neni with the same Anna Maria Horner's "Garden Party" fabric line I used to make the lounge pants I didn't take pics of, lol...
And then here's my little treasure. The cozy I've made all by myself! I am so proud of it! Even the pic is soooo bad. Excuse me for that!
And this slippers from the Hooked on Crochet Slippers leaflet. They're still in the "new" form, it just need a foot to fit inside and get the form! These were made for Elma
I did have so much fun making them and I know they have a very nice home now, lol...
Hope you've liked these all!

Monday, October 13, 2008


This post is also about my marriage, lol... My DH is the "salsa-man" and this weekend he made a CD with all the top 10000000 songs he deeply love from all his salsa songs.
Today we were driving back home from work and he was with the music so loud (the kids were with my Mom, lol...) and he choose all the songs I like so that I won't say anything about the volume, lol... He even played some that aren't "pure" salsa like this I add here
That reminded me how much I love this boy's voice. He's Huey Dunbar from DLG's great group. He's now singing by his own and I also like some songs he has made without the other boy, and I do because his voice is unique! I remember his first solo album he had a video where he was wearing a "Pink" suit!!!! And, the weirdest thing is that he looked soooooooo good, lol... Even so masculine, lol...
Well, hope you'll enjoy this clip with this great song "Volveré". I heard this song for the first time in the voice of a flamenco singer called "Chiquetete" and loved it. But after DLG I think Huey got the spirit of the song better than anyone. Also the video tells the story so maybe it won't be a problem not to speak Spanish to know what's all about, lol...
I hope you'll enjoy Huey's voice as much as I do!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Today's my 6th wedding anniversary.

I can't believe how fast has it all go! And it's fun because we got married the day of the Hispanity festivity; October 12, so we never have to go to work or school in our anniversary. Just enjoy the family!
I feel so lucky today I had to share. I am so sorry I know this has nothing to do with crafts or other things I post about i my blog but I remembered this layout I made last year and wanted to share this pic from our wedding day. I love that photo and I love to look at it and my eyes says everything. It was the happiest day of my life, even more than when my 2 children were born because I also had fear and pain those days, lol... But my wedding day was so magical...
I have always thought that all my related up in heaven moved all their influences so that that day could be just perfect! lol... I felt all the time they were there with us all!
It was a magic day and I just want that all that magic still with us forever! I can't imagine living without my DH and everytime I look at that photo I thank God for letting me enjoy life with him and our beautiful children!
Well, let's keep enjoying the day!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Healthy breakfast

What's healthy?

Is this breakfast I had this morning healthy? Chocolate, cappuccino and Danone Actimel? 
We're always talking about health and dealing between fast-food and fast-good. But what's good?
I like to have my coffee in the morning and also I like to eat anything... whatever... but solid, lol... 
What do you like to have for breakfast? Is it healthy?
It's as complicated as life. To eat or not to eat too much.... lol... That's the question...
Well, crafts are all much more easy, aren't them?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Why do I understand so easily what he says?

That's what I thought the first second Rufus Wainwright started to talk in his concert tonight. It has been his first time in the island and he was so fun saying he didn't even know he was coming here and he thought in Madrid he was kidnapped when he was thrown to another flight after landing in Spain, lol... He made lots of jokes (I even started to think he's gay after all he said, lol...) and that helped so much to go through the whole concert because he was alone with his voice and a piano or a guitar.

While starting one of the songs he said he was raised in Montreal and then I understood why I understand all he said when he was talking (but I didn't understand much of what he sang, lol...). I am pretty much of a British "talker". For me there are not colors but colours, and so on... So maybe because his childhood was in Canada his English is not so American and it's easier for me to understand. I promise for me it's much more easier to understand a Scottish than an American accent, lol... (I promise!)
It was a fun night and a nice concert. And we had lots of fun seeing one lady in the first row that fall sleep and how she did stand up in the second the people started the applause, lol... I bet she wasn't the only one!