Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Why do I understand so easily what he says?

That's what I thought the first second Rufus Wainwright started to talk in his concert tonight. It has been his first time in the island and he was so fun saying he didn't even know he was coming here and he thought in Madrid he was kidnapped when he was thrown to another flight after landing in Spain, lol... He made lots of jokes (I even started to think he's gay after all he said, lol...) and that helped so much to go through the whole concert because he was alone with his voice and a piano or a guitar.

While starting one of the songs he said he was raised in Montreal and then I understood why I understand all he said when he was talking (but I didn't understand much of what he sang, lol...). I am pretty much of a British "talker". For me there are not colors but colours, and so on... So maybe because his childhood was in Canada his English is not so American and it's easier for me to understand. I promise for me it's much more easier to understand a Scottish than an American accent, lol... (I promise!)
It was a fun night and a nice concert. And we had lots of fun seeing one lady in the first row that fall sleep and how she did stand up in the second the people started the applause, lol... I bet she wasn't the only one! 


Scholiast said...

I'm so glad you liked his show - and him :) And if he mentioned his boyfriend I'm sure you didn't only think he was gay ;)

A. said...

Or when he mention that he has an affair with a greek lad or when he said he like boys or when he said he fight for the gay rights... or maybe you didn't understand him that much jeje lol

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say I have been reading your blog and it is wonderful. I really enjoy all of your photos, especially of your cousin's wedding. Your dress and hat were lovely. And your recipes are fun to read as well. The picture of your family (with your mom and aunt and everyone) was really nice too.

I will keep reading and wish the best for you and yours!

- Carol in Lafayette Indiana

migatitamica said...

I do speak English too! Actually I passed my CAE (Cambridge Advanced Exam)last year... and the listening part were all in a deep Australian accent, really really awful! the worst English one can listen to!

Oh and on Rufus, he told he had a long time boyfriend in an interview when he released his last album... I think it was El Pais EP3

Sorry that I only post/comment from time to time, but days are only 24 hours long and the boss of the boss of my boss thinks that 10 of those are his...