Friday, January 30, 2009

Migatitamica me ha enviado un meme!!!!!!!!!!

Mi colega de blog migatitamica me ha nominado con un meme!

BUeno, tengo que decir ahora cuáles son mis propósitos de belleza para el 2009. Cinco deben ser. Ufff, a ver cómo los resumo porque es tal mi desastre que necesitaría 20 jiji...

1) Me propongo para este 2009 desmaquillarme todas las noches!
2) y también maquillarme todos los días para poder llevar a cabo el propósito nº1
3) Bajar todos los kilos que me sobran (no los digo, por supuesto!)
4) Ponerme la crema todas las mañanas antes de salir de casa y no en la perfumería justo antes de empezar a maquillarme con el primer probador que encuentro.
5) Y finalmente, y lo más difícil; me voy a proponer en este año gastar un bote entero al menos de anticelulítico (gesto que significará que me lo he puesto todos los días al menos durante un mes seguido, jiji...)

Y seguiría, y seguiría! Pero las normas son de 5 propósitos y aquí están. 
En el siguiente post pondré a quién nomino porque no se me ocurren ahora blogs en español que lea que no sean los de cocina, jii...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I can't believe I finally did it! I am tattooed! 

I can't even remember from when I've been dreaming about my tattoo! I think it was before I was 18 years old! And I have always wanted to have the same thing done. This sign is what I always draw when I am stressed, or just talking at the phone. I have all my college books filled with thousands of this sign all together making weird forms, lol...  That's why I wanted to make this sign for me, in my skin. It's my sign and now will be with me forever, even when I won't be able to hold a pen and draw one; I'll have it in my skin!!!!!!!
First, I wanted to make just one, big one. But then I decided I'll make more, just like in my books. And then when I got to the studio the "tattoo man" told me we could do it exactly like the sketch I was showing him... So it's my own design, in my own hand writing! He scanned what I draw for him! Oh God, I was delighted! lol...
It's fun to have it though. It was so easy, painless that I think won't be the last... lol... Maybe the same thing in my right hand... lol...
I made it in a great place here in Tenerife; Santa Cruz Tattoo. Check their site, it's great. And they're so warm, you can feel the good energy there, lots of friends coming to see them, lots of customers, lots of great energy! Lots of art! I can't remember if I ask the boy his name because I was so nervous I just remember he doing it so perfectly!, lol... But if any of you go there I am sure everyone will make great works!
Well, hope you like it! I am so happy with it!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Decorating ideas lately...

I feel like I have been posting a lot about decorating and home things! And I think it's because we need a makeover here as the children are now bigger and we're in the middle of the "baby turning toddler and toddler turning a big kid" phase. So we need big beds now and lots more of storage space.

And even in the kitchen we need to start wondering how will make it when Celita leave the high chair and starts seating with us in the table! 
I received this email form Country Living and I loved all the kitchens there but one that stole my heart was this one in the pic. I love the colors but most of all I like so much hor the small kitchen is all around the table. So cozy!
Wish I had a similar space in my owns kitchen!, lol...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Been crazy with all the Christmas thing!

In the Christmas day photo I forgot to add these pics of the costumes Santa brought for the kids. Hulk was soooooooooo real and even had green lights in the eyes! lol...
And Celita was adorable dressed like a princess, even she didn't like it so much (and really wasn't the best ever quality costume, lol...) And she has ever never (read like Lola, lol...) liked to have anything in the hair!
When, Christmas holidays always have many "outings" and one of them was to see the Monster trucks show. Henry and Carlitos had a blast there! Look at the size of the wheel!; lol... And also see the sunny weather!!
ISn't Celita gorgeous dressed like this? And the ponytails are just adorable!
This tree in Safari mall was so cute and the kids liked it with all the lights!
Just days before New Year's Eve we went all together to the city to make the final purchases and we had a walk and stopped in front of the Guimerá theatre with this great face! I love it!
Celita was so excited! We had hot chocolate with "churros" (I don't know the name in English) and enjoyed it so much as in the south of the island where we live is not easy to find them!

And then the bad weather started December 30th!!!!! And the big party for New Year's Eve was in the town square (and it hasn't got any type of "ceiling" lol...) Henry and Celia were delighted wearing their coats and boats!!!! Look how they look to the feet!!!! lol... We're summer people here... lol...
ANd the big night arrived! And we were getting ready for it. The kids were adorable all dressed up with their posh looks, lol... Don't they look like a wedding couple???
Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers!
God, how difficult was to take this pic!!!!! lol...
So imagine this one here.... lol....
Celita was so tired after the dinner but when the bells started and we ate all the lucky grapes my brother took off his guitar and started playing and singing and Celita was like a robot switched on, lol....
Didn't I tell you??? She didn't stop dancing and singing all night!!!!
Finally after 2:30am Celita fall asleep and we all came back home and Henry and me we enjoyed watching the people dance and have fun from our balcony! lol...
The morning after Celita saw my boots in the room and just wanted to put them on!!!! Hopefully she couldn't make it possible!; lol...
January brought us Diana home!!!!! Henry couldn't talk about anything else but his sister!!!! "Diana is coming!, Diana is coming!!!!" When he saw her in the airport his face was the description of happiness!
In January 6th is when we have our gifts here. The tradition is that the Three Kings comes from the East and bring all the gifts for the good children. I made this cushion covers for my cousins...

In this pic we're in the town square waiting for the Three Kings to arrive and see if they brought any gift for the kids. Then we must go to bed and wait for them to come to our homes and bring the rest of the gifts!
Here's King Melchor!!!!!!
And here's what I made for my cousin Neni. I made the fabric basket from Ayumills
And the morning of the January6th that was how our tree looked like!!!! It was full of gifts for everyone and we still got to go to Grandma's to look for the rest of the presents!!!!!
Here are Henry and Celita enjoying a ride in Henry's gift, that he called "The 3000 machine" lol... Don't ask me why!
And guess what I received from the Three Kings?? The camera that took these great pictures!!!!!! lol... I'll post about her and the cozy I am making for her later....

Thursday, January 8, 2009

January 16th

Nie's blog will be back!
She's so fine now that she thinks it's time to come back. Her sister also announces it with a sweet letter she wrote in her blog.
I won't miss the date and you must save that date too!
Who said prayers doesn't count?