Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'm back from my holidays!

God they were so short!!! Oh well, I was almost half a month out but.... was so short, lol...

Since my last post here many, many things had happened! Spain soccer team won the Euro2008! I did sew a lot and went for holidays with all my family to Disneyland Resort Paris!!!! And also 3 nights in Paris and 3 nights in Madrid before coming back home!

Great holidays! But the only bad thing is that I didn't have much time to go searching for craft things and fabrics while in Paris that was what I wanted most to do!!!!! I ended buying some Liberty fabric to make a dress for my little baby and me like twins, lol... I bought this Anna Sui's pattern for me in Bouchara that's a big fabric store in Paris, next to Lafayette and so near where my hotel was. Mention for the hotel that was soooo small but with a very good breakfast, so kind and helpful staff and quite rooms. And the price of these all was good as well.

While I was in Paris I used this bag I made with this adorable fabric from Michael Miller (I have noticed that the fabrics I like most always are Michael Miller's). It was so helpful and the fabric was amazingly good as it faced one of the biggest rainy days in my whole life and its life also, lol !!!

I will post more photos of the Disney trip but haven't download the pics yet. These all here  were taken with my mobile camera. 
In Madrid we stayed at the Room Mate hotel Alicia. God, that was GREAT! Wonderful place, just in the middle of the city and the duplex we stayed in was just amazing! We had a terrace with this little fountain that you could used as a pool. And we were in the corner of the building top so we had views of everything. And most of all, the Santa Ana square that had lots of bars and the music in the street at night was just delicious. At nights we didn't go out, just stayed at the hotel terrace with the kids, and had dinner there enjoying the music and having lots of talk! Here are some pics of the terrace and the view of the square with the Me by Melia hotel and a view of the Alicia's hotel corner, we were just at the top of the building! And finally a view from our terrace of the Santa Ana's square! Really, if you're planning travelling to Madrid, take a look to this hotel, it is worth the price!