Saturday, May 10, 2008

Round Neck Top Sundress

I wasn't so excited today to start crocheting and thought maybe I could make today a sewing project instead.
I searched all the morning for some linen fabric I bought time ago in very beautiful and fun colors, but couldn't find them. I wanted to make some embroidery in them. But, instead, I found this fun fabric in my leftovers bin and thought it could be nice. The fabric is from the Oodle Poodle from Moda.
I used the pattern from You can make this  and it is from That Darn Cat designer. The pattern is so easy to make but I have found some things I would change if I'll make it again. The length is a bit short for the size 2, also the buttons I would prefer to have it the other way; I mean, I prefer to sew the front yoke with the back part and the back yoke with the front part.
I think it turned out cute and the buttons are some of my preferred ones in my stash. I made a close look photo that shows the detail of the button. 
I am going to make now some more sewing projects because I think summer is perfect for this kind of dresses.

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Stacey said...

Oh that came out lovely! I love the colors on the material.