Saturday, May 17, 2008


Yesterday I went to a Japanese restaurant with my girlfriends. Sorry I didn't take any pics there because the food was so good I forgot to take off the camera while we were eating, lol...

This photo is from the night out we had last week and shows us all enjoying the plate of black pudding scrambled eggs! Just great. We went to our fave place that's near home and they make "montaditos" that are amazingly yummy!
Excuse me for the terrible pic quality but it was made with my phone and no flash!, lol...

The montaditos are made with a bread slice and all you can imagine at the top. The ones here are one with anchovy with green and red pepper and the other one is made with a typical sauce from La Gomera (the island in front of mine) and codfish. All have in the bottom a savory sauce and then at the top the main ingredient. God, they're soooo good!

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