Sunday, September 28, 2008

Marta's Wedding. Part 2

Oh, you can't imagine how wonderful is the San Roque hotel. You can only know it when you're there. The staff, the building, the rooms, the food, the pool! Everything is made just to feel you the most special people in the world!

The building is a historic building from the village and it's really amazing. The town where it is located is called Garachico. My mom was born there and we've been always so related to everything that happens there. So the way the rooms are located in the building and the central patio, etc... reminds me of my family's house. We had 2 rooms together and they were both "inside" a commom door. So we had the 2 separated rooms but we could keep the doors open and only the "main door" closed. Henrito felt like he was sooooo big having his own room with his own bathroom and taking care of his daughter himself alone! Lol... He was so fun!
Well, this hotel is no words but GLORY!, lol...
Let's show the pics we took there. I am so sorry we forgot to take pics of the pool this morning but you can see them also in their site. 

Have you ever seen more amenities in the same room? Amazing!
Look at the beautiful color of the walls!
This is the seating area near the window that looked to the pool from our bathroom. This morning we sat the kids here with us and told them we had a surprise to show them. When we opened the window they saw the pool and the breakfast tables by the pool and Henry was excited! He wanted to go right away!

And here is the first pics of the family ready for the wedding. We took these pics in teh hotel room before going to the church. Here you can see my Cherry Chau hair accessory (I don't know the right name for this, lol...) that I bought in my Paris trip in the Galleries Lafayette! And also my lovely, lovely Patricia AvendaƱo dress that I blogged here before.
My sweet Celita was just adorable and was wearing a beautiful blue dress the same as her cousin Elmita.
And my sweet and handsome boy Henrito with his suit and tie,lol... Lovely!
And my husband looking sooooo handsome with his suit and new haircut!!!!!

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