Sunday, September 28, 2008

Marta's Wedding! Part 1

Lol... Yes, there's going to be 3 parts of this post, lol... 

My cousin Marta's wedding has been the greatest family happening this year!, lol... So we've been waiting for this day soooo much! She's so lovely and her husband now is just adorable and perfect for her! So, we can only be soooo happy!
I was so excited for the wedding that I have 3 posts for it; one for the gifts I made for her, another one for the pics of the hotel we stayed in, and finally the party pics!
Let's start with the things I made for the honeymoon!
I sewed the same travel wallet I made for us when we went to Disneyland Resort Paris but using this wedding themed fabric from Michael Miller that I bought from equilter. I made the pattern myself and I'm so proud of it, lol... Made also a bussines card wallet to hold the hotel cards, 2 passport sleeves and also a travel tissue holder. And then I did also made some printables for them; luggage tags, bookmarker and the typical door hanger I always make for the just married couples, lol... The templates for the bookmarker and the luggage tags are from Belle

I filled the travel holder with a married couple's tissues that are so fun!
This is how the travel wallet looks when closed

This is how the passport holder looks like when closed
And that's how it looks when open, lol...
And finally, in this pic you can see it all together how I wrapped it like before sending it to them. I asked the hotel if they could leave it in their room and they did! I think it was a nice surprise!

I also made a little book filled with photo frames and lines where each of the guests could give them a little message. I didn't take pics of it and I know It's a big mess, lol... I used my pogo from Polaroid and I can't be happier enough with Henry for giving it to me for my birthday. It's the best! (Henry and the pogo, lol...)

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