Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama & McCain

What a country!

I am not American, but the election day was almost worldwide. Because history was made yesterday, global history, global change.
I am not American and I don't know which one of them was better than the other and I don't even know which one of them would I have choose, but what I know is that here in Spain we do not have politicians with that high sense of what a nation is as McCain and Obama have.
Last night we stayed all night with the TV on waiting for the results. I told Henry that if my Dad were living with us, he would have wake up the kids and watch the TV with them in beds so that they could be part of History as well. 
Around 4 or 5 am local time, everything was almost done and McCain gave his speech to his people. God, how much it touched my heart. He was talking like an American not like a winner or a loser. He called all his people to help Obama to make the nation better and bigger, he also referred personally to Obama's Grandma in a very sweet way. It really amazes me how the greatest pride is to be American and to be in service of the nation, not just to win or lose the election.
Obama's speech was also so inspiring. And maybe that's a word to define him; inspiration. He inspires change but also tradition. I am not American and I am white so I haven't ever had any racist's problems, but don't have to feel it to know how important is to have Obama where he is now. And it was now or never. And it had to be him.
McCain is so good man and good politician but Obama is Carl Lewis. Remember Carl Lewis? He was THE speed, and you could be the best running but you couldn't win Carl Lewis. I feel the same about McCain. Maybe he could have made a change too but not now... Not with Obama there.
I am not American but I want to say congratulations to all American people for that American Pride, congratulations for having those 2 candidates to choose from (believe it's a privilege to be able to choose between Moet Chandon or Veuve Clicquot instead of Coke or Fanta, lol...) it's a real privilege, congratulations for the change to come and congratulations for that love you all have to your flag, hymn and nation. And congratulations to both of the candidates; Obama because he could, McCain because last night he was the most elegant and pure gentleman I've ever seen.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you about this photo in this post. A friend of mine that makes printables always says a gift is not a gift if there isn't a chocolate inside... And I think the same but with posts and pics; A blog post is not complete without a pic, so I've decided to add this photo of one of Belle's printable sets. She's so patriotic so I've choose this set from her that's so related to today's American feeling!


mellyandrosie said...

It was great, wasn't it??!! At least here in Australia it was on at a more civilized time in the morning so I could watch away while working.

Anonymous said...

Thank you from Indiana. The past eight years have been horrible, and frankly, the run up to the election was very ugly. I am thrilled that Obama won - all of our family voted for him,and I went door to door and worked the phones several days.. although my oldest son (who lives in Michigan) might have voted for McCain. But it was very historic and a big relief. My husband and I are driving to Washington DC in January to see his inauguration!

Carol in Indiana