Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Friend, one gin tonic!

The title of this post means everything to me since this last Sunday.

I want to excuse myself for talking so bad english but will do my best to express what I am feeling now.
This November 14 my cousin Techi died after a so long disease. But she was strong, she was a Benitez woman and that means in my family that you are brave enough to carry even with the hardest thing. And she was.
This last Sunday she taught me more than she could ever imagine. And she started just when I first came in the room where she was. On the coffin I saw a flower bouquet and the ribbon had a message. I was seated just in front of it and tried to read what it said but couldn't see the whole phrase but then as she could see me moving in my seat to read the entire ribbon, someone came and moved it. And I had to make an effort not to laugh when I read; "Friend, one gin tonic!" and signed as Viky.
And I laughed (for myself of course, lol...) because she was that phrase! She was the best friend and she enjoyed life with friends and gin tonics. But gin tonics in the whole meaning, not just the drink but the situation. She loved music, God, and family. We were not so close as friends but I knew all that from her becasue in a second you could see how she was, how she was from the bottom.
The mass before her burial was more a tribute to her than a mass; it was a tribute to a good woman. To a woman that knew she was going to die, that had the best ever husband that took care of her till the end as he did at the beginning. She had a cruel disease but her heart was so strong that all she radiate was positive.
And her and that phrase have been with me since yesterday. I can't stop thinking how close is this phrase to what life means. Friends or family or anyone to share a gin tonic with. I want my life to be just that; a gin tonic with all the people I love, and then that gin tonic will be a smile to my beloved ones when I'll die as it was to Techi's friends yesterday. They all laughed about the phrase and how much she would have loved it!
I want to have lots of gin tonics to remember with my friends and family and Techi teached me that yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

That was really nice, and I am very sorry. I hope they play music when we die at 103.