Thursday, January 13, 2011

Comfort food

Hay que mimar al convaleciente... Jiji...
Comfort food for my husband after his surgery...

Cebollas dulces con papa y tomate y al horno con un poco de queso
Sweet onions with potatoes, tomatos, in the oven with a bit of cheddar

Y en el plato con arepas colombianas y pollo
And served with colombian "arepas" and garlic chicken!

Y de postre, Nantucket pie con la receta de Pioneer Woman, buenísima!!
And Nantucket pie using the Pioneer Woman recipe that id truly damn good and sooooo easy and fast to make!

Fotos malísimas pero este pie es la bomba!

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Anonymous said...

I hope your husband feels better soon! Happy New Year and best wishes always!

Celia said...

Thanks so much Carol, he's much better now!!!
Happy New Year to you too!