Sunday, February 8, 2009

Henry is 5!!!

This February 6th was Henry's birthday!
We asked him many times what gift he wanted and he only said he wanted his grandma to give him a new bed. So we went with him and Celita to Toys'r'us to see if he wanted also any toy... Of course, he did want some too!; lol... 
On Friday he went so excited to school because he knew he would have a party there. Here they are on the way...
I prepared some cookies and muffins for the kids.

And a juice of course and then put these all inside these kraft little bags so that each kid could have his own "meal"; lol...
They're 30!!!!! lol... Both bags were full!
But look how happy he was in his class blowing his candles! God, I am so grateful to his wonderful teachers. They made a great day for him and also allowed me to enjoy it taking these pictures!!!!! I am sooooo grateful!
Look Henry's gift! He just wanted for his birthday a bed where he could sleep in the upper side and his sister "downstairs" lol... And here it is!!!!! We bought the Ikea Kura bed and we painted it with some Agatha Ruiz de la Prada colors. Then we asked our friend Javi at Looping if he could transfer some photos to the panels that came with the bunk bed and look what a great work he did! We are still amazed how cute the bed looks like! Now we have to make some changes in the room but Henry is so happy with his new bed and Celita is too!

Tadaaaaaa!!! Rainbow cupcakes!
I made the party favros bags with plain kraft bags and just add some stickers to it with his nae and date. I think they looked cute!; lol...
This is the inside of the bag, isn't a cute pic? lol... coloring paper, crayons, and tons of sweets!
He was sooooooo happy with all his friends during all his birthday party!!!!!!! Here's blowing the candles of his chocolate Spiderman cake!
Look what I found at the magazine counter of the British market!!!! I love Jamie's food and now I have got addicted to his magazine! Lovely!
In my crafty side of life I am crocheting grannies for a blanket I'd love to make for our tv room. I have many already finished and now I just have t make around 20 more and start finishing it that's the part I really don't like about blocks!, lol...


Anonymous said...

Dear Celia,
You are so brave to have a party with that many guests! I am sure Henry had a wonderful time. And the bed idea is really great.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Happy Birthday Henry! How wonderful for him. It looks like a success.

migatitamica said...

first of all, Happy birthday to little Henry!

and secondly, you have an award waiting for you in my blog, so when you are ready, put on this amazing outfit that you have hidden somewhere and go take it!


MelMel said...

Glad you have had fun when you have popped by....:>))
She does do some lovely things....

Happy Birthday to your little boy...lovely, the bed is super!