Sunday, April 19, 2009

Crafting a bit

I've been wanting to post all these photos from the little gifts I made for my Dad's birthday.
Here's a frame I embellished with some Ikea kids fabric I love and a crochet flower.
First I used some modge podge and then made some cuts to start embellishing the frame.

And that's how it looks like wiht my little kid's photo in it. They look so serious and big in the photo. I just like how close they look; is a "brother & sister" photo I love!
Oh, and now this is one of the cozies I love to make for the Ikea mug! The pattern is available at Etsy! I made also the button with fimo! I love making little buttons!
Oh, and talking about buttons! Look what I got for a great price at Etsy!!!!! I felt like dreaming when I received the package!!!!!!!!! Thanks to Art by Heather Supplies!
And now, I am sooooo happy I did read about the CK sale in one of the blogs I reaad every day. The prices were just outstanding and I am so happy everytime I get into my flower bed!! lol...
Just for dessert look what we got for my Dad's birthday dinner!!!! The cake in the center was the one I made with mocha buttercream and almonds!


Ginger said...

Happy Earth day my friend!
Enjoyed your blog so much the frame you did for your children sooo cute love your whole blog be back soon to see & read more .
hugs ginger

linnea said...

What a wonderful post! It's so full of good stuff... did I read about a CK sale? Gotta check that out. I never order because things are so expensive. Hope you're doing well!

Natasha Burns said...

So much good stuff here! Love the frame and those sweets for your dad's birthday are making my mouth water!

Jeanette Lunde said...

just love the flowers!..and that cake...mmm :)

Liz said...

Wow, those Cath Kidston prints wow me every time. So jealous!

Pau said...

Qué blog tan bonito !!!
XXX wapa ;)

Everyday M.moms said...

Celia, I love you blog, I have a blog for moms and We have a photo contest, the winner gets a beading kit, hand-picked in Brazil, all Countries can participate. Check it out



Amalia Relation said...

Great stuff! The frame looks absolutely gorgeous, I think I will definetely steal your idea and make one.