Sunday, May 3, 2009

¡Feliz día de la madre!

Happy Mother's day to everyone! Here in Spain is today and I am the happiest in the whole world! lol...
Look what I got first time this morning!
Henry painted this wonderful wrapping paper for me at school
And also painted this wonderful flower to macth! 
And this wonderful tag was attached to the package where it was...
...this pretty colored sand filled bottle. Look what a beautiful gift he made for me! 
But today, for me the greatest gift of all is to have my kids in my life! To be a mom. Now that I am one I can't even remember what I felt like before. It has filled all my life, now I am all I have ever dreamt of; the mom of two beautiful kids I adore.
Nothing can make me happier than a hug from my kids. And also feels weird because there's nothing that can heal me better than a hug from my mom. Just her touch, her smell, and her hugs heals my soul better than anything.
I hope someday I'll be that for my kids too!
Happy Mother's Day!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day Celia! The sand bottle is very nice and so are the pictures. I saved lots of my kids pictures and I still hang them on the door for holidays, like the hearts they made for Valentines or Santa's face. I am glad for your happiness. Our Mother's Day doesn't come until Sunday, the 10th.
Take care, XO.