Sunday, July 12, 2009

I love Stockholm

In my last post I was in a wonderful cruise ship in the Baltic sea. It was the NCL Jewel and we did had a blast there!
But I just fall in love with Stockholm and its archipelago. It's like a dreamland full of amazingly cozy houses all around and you only see nature! I would love to be able one day to go to one of those cottages for a holidays with the family!
The thing is that there are so many islands that I don't know the name of the one I liked most. It was closer to the city center than the others. Here they are some pics of the wonderful houses we could see from the ship cabin balcony while we were going out to the sea again.

See what I mean? Could it be anything more cute than being seated in your garden and watching the boats sailing around with the sea just in front of your door?

Oh, here's this family that was seated in one of the ways watching the ships and the cruises. The kids were having a blast! Click in the pic to meet them!
Isn't this just beautiful? Click in the photo!
There were little islands with just one house in it, like fishermen houses! Amazingly beautiful!
A beauty non stop!
Love Stockholm


MelMel said...

Hello...lovely to meet you on here!

I'll be back to read your blog soon, just wanted to stop by and say hi!x

Anonymous said...

Quite beautiful! I am glad you had a wonderful trip. XO

Bornay said...

qué bonito viaje, que paz viendo las fotos... :)

aandara said...

Que belleza me encantaria ir
Un beso

Cristina Martins said...

Wow! Que bonito...
Después de leer los "Milleniums" estoy por programar un viaje a los países escandinavos...
Acabas de poner más leña en la hoguera!