Monday, August 3, 2009

What a day yesterday!

That was the view from my deckchair in Siam Park's beach. God, that's life!
And this was the view any time I got up a bit to see what was happening around, lol...
The Siam Park is the biggest water park in Europe and it's located in the south of my island. I drive in front of the dorr everyday since it was open last year but never got to go. Yes, we're so silly! lol... But yesterday was the day, a great day!
This is the beach where every hour a big 6 feet tall wave "explodes" and you can enjoy it and when you're still recovering from the big "tsunami effect" you heard the sound of the next wave coming! It's was so fun!

Then we had the Beach Club just near us! Great!
This next pic is the view from the beach of the Kid's lost city thatw as amazing with lots of slides and water falling from everywhere. So fun and so fresh for the hot, hot days we've had this week!
We got there so early (we got to way at the entrance because it wasn't even open when we arrived, lol...) and the kids had a blast with the whole beach for them alone! lol...
See this? Slides!!! From the top, top!!!
Ohhh... and the slow river was just soooooo relaxing!!!!! lol...
And now I'm showing the final pics... Look my sweet baby face.. lol... She was walking while sleeping, lol... Poor little kid, they didn't want to get out from there but at the same time they didn't have energies for one more minute there ,lol...
But was a great family day we will remember forever!


Anonymous said...

It looks fab! Thanks for the photos!

junespoon said...

wow! what awesome pics...that looks amazing...i want to go there so much!!

ps your kids are THE CUTEST i've ever seen!


BIMBA said...

Hola! Gracias por pasar por mi blog ;) Yo hace mucho que no voy a un parque de este tipo, pero es muy divertido y más teniendo a dos peques tan lindos.

He ojeado lo que haces y eres muy manitas! Yo no tengo ni idea de coser, pero me encantaría aprender.