Friday, August 15, 2008

Getting ready for a cake!

The picture is so bad, but... he's so cute!!! I just can't help it!, lol...

Last Sunday I wanted to make some frosting, not for a cake but to eat it alone, lol... I love to!
Henry heard me getting everything ready and wanted to help. He made it himself alone!!! 
The thing is that lately I have been having trouble making frosting because it always went bad, and looking at this picture I have realized it has been more then 2 weeks since I made a good one. This was mixed by Henry and the last one we've made for Elmita's birthday party was mixed by DH!!! 
God, my all-time-fear question.... Am I loosing my "mojo"?????

ps I'll post the pics of Elmita's birthday tonight. They're so fun and sweet! Nice mix of words, isn't it?,lol...

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