Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Yesterday we went to Santa Cruz to reclaim the ticket's money from Julio Iglesias concert. I can't believe I couldn't go! My mom and her friends went and they were amazed! I was there last time he went here around 20 years ago! I was a kid! But this time the concert was planned for August 22; just the day before my birthday. It was so fine and I was excited but then, last wednesday a plane crash took place in Madrid Barajas airport in a plane that was coming to the islands. Wasn't my island but Gran Canaria, but we all feel so near them because, living in an island makes you take planes for whatever you want to do, and it's a tragedy to know whole families where inside the plane coming from vacation.
So, the concert was moved to Saturday August 23 in honor to the victims but that was my birthday party day! And I couldn't go to the concert and as it was moved by the organization I could ask for the refund of my tickets.
So, I went yesterday to the city to make this. And, while there I also went with DH and the kids to the Patchworks store (didn't buy any fabric at all!!!!, lol...) and then the kids wanted to eat McDonald's and while they were in the queue I went to see the sale in a shop in front of the restaurant. And look what I found! (I have already had my morning cappuccino in the glass but forgot the pic!, Sorry)

A Bodum thermo-glass! Perfect for my hot coffee and also for my cool coke! And it really works like a thermo!!! I think it's my preferred glass now!, lol...


Linnea said...

Both of those plane crashes were terrible...

you're right, the health care system in the U.S. puts an incredible burden on families.

Take care & enjoy your week.

Anonymous said...
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