Saturday, April 5, 2008

The day before the Sale

Tomorrow there will be a big sale (like a sale fair) in a near village's square.

Well be there with our shops "leftovers" from the sale season and it is going to be a big work. Today we're getting all the last things ready. That's why I won't be having enough time today for crafts but I always take my crochet works with me in case I have any spare moment, lol...

I have taken again the works I was in December that was a blanket for my boy to go the the school. Now I don't know if he'll be able to kee usinfg it as it is made with a bulky yarn and in the spring in my island maybe it is so warm for it, lol...

The yarn is from Katia (I love this Spanish yarn brand) but really don't know the name (and haven't been able to find the rest of the skeins I have from it). I'll write it when I'll find them, lol... The color is so nice and the feeling of the yarn when worked is also so soft.
The pattern is the Alicia Paulson's Tiramisu Blanket. It is the first time I have made this pattern but I am sure I'll repeat it with another yarn weight. It is so easy and nice to work with. 

I think the edging in this yarn will look so different and also so "boyish" that's now the thing my boy cares most. Boy's things I bet, lol...

I think that maybe I'll have it finished for this next week.

Oh, I want to mention my love for fabric stashes and one that I have found that can't help but keep looking at it every time. I think I love fabrics so much because here there are not so many places to buy cool fabrics and the places that I know have more or less the same variety. That's why I love to see photos of fabric shops in the US in many small villages, lol... That's so weird to see here. Thanks God we have online shops!!!
Well, I have found this cute blog Foofanagle where I've seen one of the most beautiful photos I've found in the web!!! Isn't it?

And now I am going to lurk a bit in my favorite crochet blog in the web. Just love Stacey's creations!!! And also her speed to make such beautiful creations full of changes. Lots of creativity!

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Stacey said...

I love the way the blanket is turning out! I have that pattern but have not tried it yet. The colors you chose are just delicious!!! (Thanks)