Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hard day after the sale

Well, the sale was a big success and everyone made very good business there (customers more than anyone else, lol...). In example, we had brand t-shirts, trousers and perfumes and all for 5 euros each! Then near us it was a friend of us selling brand shoes for 15 euros the pair and if you bought 2 the price was 20 euros only! It was great and fun!!!!

Here's a photo of how the square looked like with all the kid's amenities they had there. It was fun because while we were working while our kids were with the fathers playing there like crazy!

But then I have been a bit busy after that because while we were 
there a big rain started to come from the sea and we had to get everything closed in fifteen minutes, lol...
I have to say the rain was good for me because I had more time to get ready to go to the theatre in the city where we went to see "Tricicle". They're a trio of comediants that makes all the show without words. I have always liked them so much. This group that came here weren't the original ones but a "copy" made by them to be able to reach all the theatre where they can't go.
I had a BIG laugh there!!!! I went with some great friends and we were in the fist row of the theatre and the group started making jokes with two of us and I tought I would have a collapse because of laughing so much, lol...
Check their site here

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