Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pasta al Domingo style

Lol... That's how I call this recipe as it is something as easy as possible to feed my kids and be able to keep crocheting while they're in their nap. lol...
Well, it is so easy and so tasty!
First you need to make a chopped onion as sweet as possible.
Then you can add some ham or whatever you like (chorizo, salami, etc...)
WHen you this all cooked and browned you may add some fried tomato sauce and let it boil a bit. 
Oh God, while I was writing I have realized I forgot to add the orégano!!! I must add some now, lol...
Now it is time to add the cooked pasta and mix it all together.
And, finally, you put on the top of it all some cheese and put the lid until it's all melted.
And then it is only time to enjoy! Oh, forgot to say in any of the steps you do need to add salt!!! It is impossible to eat any pasta without the enough amount of salt!!!!; lol... This one is mostly for the kids and that's why I only add the salt to the boiling water to cook the pasta.

Love cooking but sometimes and, specially on Sundays, I just want to eat and keep going, lol... And also on SUndays is my husband who makes the pasta and now that he's not at home it was so fun to eat it and remembering the good pasta recipes he always makes!

My husband is in Egypt right now and the kids and me, we are missing him so much!!! Look at this "head-shirt" he has... lol...


Anonymous said...

Woooowwww is a very good man. Can you say to him that I want a photo of him.

DianaG said...

Oooooo, but if it isn't my dear daddy... look at him... :D

Hiya Celi, I really like your blog, and believe me, I admire your dedication to such a thing.

I think that even if I ever had the time to make one, I would NEVER have the patience to keep it up!

All right, you take care, and I REALLY hope to see you all really soon....