Saturday, April 26, 2008

The end of the world

God, this is the view from my house top floor. There's a sand storm in my area and I even had to take the photo with the window closed because of the wind. I can not go out from my house with the kids and the street is empty. We have to have all the windows closed and we can not let any sand come inside the house.

In the first photo where you can see only white behind the palms, is the sea. You can not see it. I can not even see the fire that has began in the island in front of me because of the sand in the air.
My family is in the other island (La Gomera) for the festivities in my Dad's village town and they're in the middle of 3 fires but, hopefully the house and the place where the town is, makes it safe for them to be there but the air is so hard to breathe.

Like I said; seems to be the end of the world.

God, I just want to wake up tomorrow and leave this horrible day behind!!!!

This is a photo of how my village looks like in a cloudy day (normally it is even more sunny), so you can compare the photos with the other first ones where you can not see anything of the sky or the sea.

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Anonymous said...

Sand can't make you hurt... well if you haven't got respiratory problems.